Professional  Translation Services for businesses in Ireland

Ireland is a gorgeous country … This is why people around the world are captivated by the beauty of Ireland and the friendly disposition of its inhabitants. It is no wonder that so many people from Poland and other Central and East European countries have moved to Ireland to experience its charm and appeal.

If you are an Irish manufacturing or processing business, chances are that you employ many Polish and other Central European nationals. Some of your employees may not speak fluent English and here is where we can help.

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Professional translation

Our translators do more than just translate languages, words and documents. We ensure that your message is understood and appreciated by all its audience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our translation service.

Top quality. Best translators. All native speakers of the target language.

Providing translation services in Ireland is a serious business and clients depend on our professionalism and skills to ensure that their documents are translated into other languages without changing their original context.

Translation does not only mean typing the text in another language aided by some tools. Translation also involves editing and revising, proofreading, review and final copy as well as other quality control measures, to ensure that it is a mirror image of the original. Only when the translation is perfected the document can be sent to the client.

Best Price Guarantee

Best prices in Ireland

In these difficult times it is crucial that you don't spend more than you have to. We offer translation services at best prices on the market as we work with Irish business only and we do not have expensive high street offices.

No hidden charges

In order to keep your cost low, we do not have expensive high street offices.

All our staff and translators work from home. This way we can cut cost by half when compared to other companies on the Irish market.

We also use the latest technology and tools such as individual client-based translation memory and term databases to keep the cost low and maintain consistency across all documents.

All our translators live in their native countries, where cost is lower.

Outstanding Customer Service

We are always standing by to help you with any document you may have. Exceptional customer service means that we go above and beyond what our clients expect.

great customer service

We have a fantastic product, but also realise that being helpful, reliable and easy to get in touch with is key to long-term customer satisfaction.

Great customer service means following best practices like valuing customers’ time, but also taking that extra step to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

Here is our promise to you: we know our product, always maintain a positive attitude, creatively solve problems, respond quickly, personalise your service, actively help and listen.

You may have landed on this page after typing “Translation Services” “Translation Ireland” or even “Translation Services Ireland” into Well, you have come to the right place, because this is exactly what we do.

Cost-effective top quality translation

We are not new to this trade. We already have 15 years of experience in translation business. Here are some of the documents we will be happy to translate for you.

  • health and safety notices

  • employment contracts

  • company manuals

  • disciplinary meeting minutes

  • emails

  • employee briefings

  • handwritten accident reports

  • legal documents

  • medical documents and reports

  • instruction manuals

It is super easy to work with us …

… just call us or send us an email and we will take care of the rest.

  • no contract necessary, in fact, email is all you need

  • we respond within minutes

  • quick turnaround, you will get smaller files translated within 90 minutes

  • we provide out-of-hours service, contact us any time

  • One collective invoice at the end of the month listing every single file ordered and the person who ordered it. In the event of any discrepancy it is you who is always right.

  • Unparalleled customer service:

    • we know our product
    • maintain a positive attitude
    • creatively solve our customers’ problems
    • respond quickly
    • personalise your service
    • actively listen
    • always keep our word
    • we are proactively helpful

We are ultimate professionals.

Forget machine translation! Professional translation remains a work of precision. Each text requires an experienced translator and even then it needs research and understanding in order for the translation to fit the subject matter. Achieving a good professional translation requires paying attention to a number of details. Our translators do just that.

We use latest advances in CAT software, which allows us to:

  • translate more documents in less time
  • ensure the quality of the translation

  • strengthen the consistency of translations

  • ensure savings for customers

  • translate files in most formats

Adobe InDesign logo We can translate Adobe InDesign files. Adobe InDesign is commonly used to create visually pleasing brochures and leaflets.

In fact we can take a file in any format, convert it to any other format and we can even help you with desktop publishing.

We are Information Technology experts able to work with any XML file, which means we can translate websites, localize mobile apps, Content Management  System (CMS) files.

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